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XR Scientists banned from conference

Today, 2021-12-01, Oil and Gas companies will meet in Copenhagen, together with some Danish politicians, to discuss their plans for a “green transition”, at the Offshore Summit 2021.

Scientist Rebellion members from Denmark and Skåne registered to the conference (and paid the registration fee) in order to engage in conversation about how a realistic green transition would look like according to science. However, Oil and Gas Denmark has decided to ban us from attending.

Today, we will be at DR Byen at 11.30 to greet them at the entrance, and show them that censoring dialogue is not the way to go!

Read more:
Poster_COP26_v3_plusQR offshore summit version final.pdf
Welsby et al 2021 Unextractablil fuels in 1 1.5 world Nature 1.pdf
Tilsted et al 2021 decoupling_rdic countries Ecological Econ 1.pdf
Lane et al 2021 Uncertain CCS prospect Nature Climate Change.pdf

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